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Josip Bolkovac
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello to you, whoever you may be.

I'm Josip, writer and a pretty talkative guy. I do like a good conversation. I like everything connected to imagination, especially dragons. Here I am to show my work to others and to be able to see other peoples' works of art.

Feel free to comment on my writing, offer constructive criticism and talk to me, cause it's the only way I'll get better. Moreover, that's what I ask of you if you come across me here on dA, if you have time. :)

This is the second profile picture. It's been done by :iconaniseth-lightwing:, very talented artist and a kind person. If you haven't come across her gallery or her artwork, you don't know what you're missing. I'm thankful to her for doing this for me. This is the link to her profile: aniseth-lightwing.deviantart.c… .
A second journal in one week? New record for me. I didn't mean to write this, but I thought of a few people that could use exposure.

I created this account on the 16th of April, 2009. My sister was browsing DA at the time and I was really interested in it. I wanted to search for dragon stories at the beginning, following the reading of first two books of the Inheritance trilogy (today I have few good things to say about it because I came to understand much more). Later, it evolved into looking at many different points of art, but I continue to like dragons the most.

Farm-Fresh was my first watcher. I don't recall why he watched me, but I know why I watched him. His story, paused at the moment, is one of the better I read here. His work got me to write my own, which was somewhat of an imitation with my own twist. In any case, he's a good person in my experience and he can create good literary art.

These are his two first deviations, the beginning of a much greater story. You can find the rest in his gallery.

Operation: Dragon, Part 1Operation: Dragon.
This a story of what can happen if all the pieces are in place. One of the most interesting things about the world is the sheer lack of appreciation for its size. The world is a big place, anything can happen. Nothing is impossible, only improbable.
My name is Ethan, my friends call me Farm Fresh and I was just your typical 6’ 1” lanky college guy. I’m going to tell you a story of what happened when I was at an airsoft operation. This story may sound a little out there. Well, I have learned to keep my mind open. Never over look the unlikely or it could be costly. I found that out the hard way. But before I go off on one of my long philosophical rants that can bore my parents to tears, let me begin my story. It all happened in late July of last year.
One hour north of De Soto MO.
“Are we there yet?” asked my little sister Sam. She is a small framed girl with brown hair and hazel eyes. She is only about 5’4”, but don’t let that f
Operation: Dragon, Part 2        Operation: Dragon, Part 2
        With me being turned into a bipedal, red and yellow dragon, this airsoft OP was getting a little more complicated then I would have liked. But with help from Sam and my friends, I managed to get back on my feet. Now on the rest of the story.
        “Sam, you almost ready?” I asked.
“Almost,” she yelled back from the other side of our little camp site, “I just need to load the last few mags.”
“Well, I’m heading to the bonfire. I think John is about to announce the next game.”
“Sure, I’ll be with you in minute.”
I walked off towards the bonfire. As I passed out of the blue light of my camp and into the orange light of the bonfire, I must have been something to see. Lumbering out of the darkness was a 8’ tall dragon, armed with an M16 in its claws. A number of peop

The next one is Aniseth-LightWing. I have only words of praise for her. She's an amazing artist in her own right. I liked her style when I searched for dragon related artwork. I got more than I bargained for. Mostly dragons, but also other fantasy creatures, general or her own design, come lifelike under her expression. She's a very nice and polite person who puts her heart in her art. She's among my favourite artists here on DA.

These are several of her work, some older, some newer, but beautiful and unique to her.

Koi Fish On the Waves by Aniseth-LightWingRQ Zmaj-dragon anthro by Aniseth-LightWing:CM: blackminorscales by Aniseth-LightWingAniseth Sketchblock by Aniseth-LightWingRQ - AshuraGirl - Kirami by Aniseth-LightWingMango Dragon WIP by Aniseth-LightWingOwl Speedpaint.....kinda by Aniseth-LightWingScarlett - Sketch by Aniseth-LightWing:AT: Fiona - Warp2002 by Aniseth-LightWing

Another artist I came across and who has become a good friend of mine is Firedragoneyes. She's an aspiring writer with a great talent for storytelling. I don't exactly remember who watched who first, but I really liked her stories. She also influenced my work, but it isn't noticeable since I didn't post it yet. A nice and easygoing person, she's happy to have a conversation and she's cheerful most of the time. She's working on a project now so she isn't that active lately, but I hope she sees this. :)

These are the starting chapters to her three novels she posted on DA. I strongly recommend you to go and read them, but in the order they were posted, so you can see the growth of her artistic skill. I'll include the folder link next to each novel.

Dragon Wings-- ProloguePART ONE
The mountains of the western lands were tall and packed tightly together, huddling in groups as if in defence from the frigid skies. Trees and grass reached up over part of the mountains' bases, but the higher the stone stood, the less foliage was to be seen. By the time one reached a mountain peak, the world was devoid of life and colour, defined only by the breath of wind and swirls of silver snow. Once the moon was high in the night sky, the flurries rose to stinging storms, and the wind bit with a sudden new fury in the darkness. The sky grew pale and cloud-obscured, bathing the mountaintops in smudges of frosty white.
The high altitudes of the mountains saw few visitors, but it was during one of these cold, harsh nights that a group of five dragons were silhouetted against the crescent moon. The party folded their wings and drifted downwards, coming to rest on the craggy slope of the nearest mountain.
"Listen up!" the largest of them, a green-scaled male,
Dragon Wings -- Chapter OneChapter One
“What are you going to train for?”
“I’m gonna be a Healer!”
“Oh please, who recommended you, your mom? Shami herself said I’d make a great Hunter…”
“Well I can top both of you! I’m going to be a Fighter.”
Cial listened to the cacophony of chatter as he ambled with the huge group of dragons. They were all twelve years old, like him, and ready to begin training to be something in the fleet. Most of them were clearly very excited about it-- would they become a Fighter, a Healer, a Hunter, or a Scout? The choices seemed endless. The dragons around Cial were talking excitedly,  returning to their parents after their evening meal. The hatchlings, mothers and midyears always ate first, after which the adults with jobs would have their fill.
Like blackened leaves on his back, the shredded remains of his wings fluttered feebly in the dying breeze. It was his curse… not being able to fly. What would he become…
Golden Blood -- Ch. 1Chapter One - Syra
There was a time when dragons ruled the earth. But that time is past.
I often asked myself how this came to be. How we, the rulers of the sky, the magic-shapers and fire-breathers, could have descended so low in what seems like such little time. I wasn't alive for much of the dragons' rule. It ended when I was only five cycles old. And yet I still missed it, I missed it with every inch of me that hated the humans, and loved magic.
Well, I supposed there was nothing for it.
Our land-- if we truly had the right to call it our land any longer-- was a beautiful place. I marvelled at its beauty everywhere I went; at the black mountains frosted with glittering snow, at the shivering reflections of sunlight on the lakes. Every journey held a new discovery, and a new beauty that could take my breath away. The life of a nomad was suited to me, that I could find beauty in the simplest of things, and endure some discomfort for it. My brother, however…
Well, he's a d
Golden Blood -- Ch. 2Chapter Two - Syra
Dragon thieves were a notorious bunch. They rarely hunted for themselves and instead stole the kills of other dragons. Any territory they fancied they would take, driving out anyone that was too weak to resist. They were especially fond of stealing any human-things that dragons were carrying around-- admittedly, all dragons had a weakness for glittery metals and stones, but in thieves this characteristic was especially prominent. It was said that successful thieves would create hordes of stolen knickknacks, guarding them with their lives.
These thieves looked no different. They were obviously southern dragons, as shown by their dark scales and leathery wings, and several of them had sparkling bits of metal fastened to their bodies. The one with the most jewellery stepped forward, eye to eye with Relan. He was not a particularly tall dragon, more stocky than anything, with navy blue scales and yellow eyes that glimmered underneath a golden headdress.
The specia…
Half-Dragon Solis, Chapter 1Chapter One - Crazy or Half-Dragon?
Right from the first day, being part dragon had never been pleasant. Oh, sure, it might seem like some fantasy geek's dream come true, but take it from me, the whole thing is much closer to a nightmare.
Let's see if I can explain this.
Friday night I was a regular, slightly pudgy guy, and by Saturday, I looked like a giant lizard on steroids. You know what? I hate scales. I hate them. They rub against each other all the time, whenever you move; it's almost like wearing chain mail. Except it's attached to your skin.
Oh, and then there was the actual dragon I'd merged with, who had a nasty habit of arguing with me inside my head.
This is a ridiculous mode of transportation was his current complaint, as I rode my bike down the street. Thankfully, being half dragon comes two-for-one with basic shapeshifting abilities, so I was able to revert mostly back to human form when I wanted. The bad news: I still had two plates of ar
Half-Dragon Solis, Chapter 2Chapter Two - It's Always The Bookshelf
We drove for about an hour, and had soon made our way out into the country. The roads slowly grew less and less defined, growing faded and cracked, then replaced entirely by gravel paths. Tiny stones thrown up by the tires smacked into the sides of the car, but Charman didn't seem to care. I guess a few tiny scratches were nothing compared to the enormous hole in the roof and the lovely new pattern in the upholstery. I fiddled sheepishly with my claws.
It took us awhile longer before we pulled into our destination, an old, lonely-looking farmhouse sitting at the dip of a hill. I frowned at it, unimpressed.
As we approached, Charman turned abruptly off the road and started driving on the grass toward the farmhouse. I was surprised the Sedan could handle itself, but then remembered that it was also bulletproof. It probably had some additions. We had a pretty smooth ride over the rough terrain as we neared the sad little house.
FiredragonMedia logo by Firedragoneyes

That's it for this journal. There are many more artists worth showing in this kind of journal, but I figured that one from the very beginning and two of my favourites deserve to be here the most.

God bless you. :)

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